Phia Walker

Novelist, Book Store Owner, Fame-hound


About average height, slim, attractive in a severe sort of way. Phia has dark hair that is usually kept back in a twist, and striking hazel eyes. Her expression lights up when given the opportunity to talk about books in general, and her writing in particular.


An only child, Sophia “Phia” Walker largely raised herself. Her father, Marcus Walker, was an English professor who spent much of his time traveling the world tracking down first edition novels and her mother, Lynette Walker nee Gerard, was a socialite who found her causes far more interesting than her daughter. Thus, books became Phia’s dearest companions. As an act of rebellion against her father’s refined tastes, she became a fan of top seller murder mysteries, and began writing as soon as she understood the concept.

A good student, Phia completed her Master’s in English Literature the same year her parents were killed in a plane crash returning from their bi-annual Italian vacation. Taking time off to grieve the loss of parents she never really knew, Phia declined a scholarship to complete her doctorate in English Literature and instead began to work in a book store, focusing on her writing on the side.

Over the past few years, Phia has begun to self-publish her work online, and has developed a loyal following within Toronto. Between her inheritance and online donations, Phia purchased “Papyrus Dreams”, the bookstore she began working in 6 years ago. She is now the sole owner and operator, living in an apartment above the store, and spends most of her time tracking down interesting books for her store and writing murder mystery novels for her website. Phia’s greatest dream is to become a “true” published novelist, and have one of her works top the best seller’s list.

Phia Walker

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