Ascar's Journal

1st Entry

The department is coming, probably the resistance too. I can’t let them get my research. They don’t understand, puppets. I need to get away, I’ll start again. Just a few more tests… can’t let the opportunity presented by two Low-T Department agents pass me by.

Never thought to ask where the subjects were coming from. Just fell into my lap. Like flies to a spider to a bigger spider. It’s pulling us all together.

Just one more operation. I have to go. I can’t let them get me. I can’t let them put me underground.

2nd Entry

Lost 3 test subjects today. 1 active, 2 potentials. But it was worth it.

Can product small instances of the Cognite effect. Process is slow, sloppy. Does not show the potency of the samples from New Mexico or Siberian Dig Site. Is age a factor?

3rd Entry

Blackwood’s Resistance and the Department definitely aware of Cognite link. Can likely produce their own. Department likely squandering time, resources and samples looking for “cure”.

Resistance are fools. Probably infiltrated by him. Working on own node network? They’ve got to know. Do they know? Do they care?

4th Entry

Uplift was catastrophic failure. Lost a dozen test subjects including six valuable actives. Very messy.

5th Entry

Intercepted sample from a dig site in Siberia. My god, how far does the node network go? Thought it was confined to North America.

Sample wasn’t active. Maybe there is still hope.

Ascar's Journal

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