Vanessa Scott

Kindgarten Teacher, Kunf Fu Mastah




Vanessa Scott was born an raised in east Scarborough to Mother Andrea Scott and Father Michael Bless. Not that she ever knew her father that is. When Vanessa was only 4 months old, Michael left his wife and new daughter in the middle of the night and they never saw him again. Which was probably best for him because if Andrea ever caught wind of him she would have happily beat him into tomorrow. As it was, she did the best she could in raising her daughter as a single mom, stripping in seedy bars, waitressing when she could find something better. It was hard, but she went a whole 14 years before running into any trouble with her daughter.

Vanessa was 14 when she joined a gang called simply “The Vigilantes” after being convinced by her much older boyfriend at the time. In was within this group that she fell into the trap of drugs, alcohol and violence. At first she was only asked to do small time crime like be watch out while some of the members cased a business, or selling drugs to her classmates with profits going to her group. She carried on this way for 4 years, no longer close to to mother she once knew as a best friend. Andrea and Vanessa fought constantly, Andrea always threatening to kick her daughter out, but never had the heart to follow through. Finally at the age of 19 Vanessa discovered the unglamorous side to belonging to a gang when things went ary with a rival gang and she was shot in the abdomen by a stray bullet.

Vanessa had to spend 4 months in the hospital, with talk of never being able to walk again, to scare her straight. After days of tears and talking, Andrea and Vanessa were close once again. Vanessa left the gang, after a humiliating exit ceremony, and got her High School Diploma. From there she attended teachers college an got her diploma in early childhood development, all the while starting to take Kung Fu as a part of her rehabilitation. It wasn’t long before she was hired at “Pokey Oaks Kindergarten” where she teaches children with upbringings much like her own. She still remains in contact with a few of her old gang members, as she actually teaches may of their children now, but has been an upstanding citizen with a strong sense of moral justice.

Vanessa is now 26 years old, has been teaching for 2 years, and taking Kung Fu for 5.

Vanessa Scott

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