Pete Lewis

Unrepentant Slack Hedonist


Average height, somewhat stocky build. Brown hair, constantly disheveled in that particular way that takes a half hour and copious amounts of hair product to achieve. Almost always grinning, in wattage ranging from sardonic to maniacal. Pierced ears, tattooed up both sleeves and indeed a substantial portion of the rest of his body.


Pete was raised in Thornhill. His parents were (and are) textbook examples of disillusioned hippies; from an early age Pete was pressured to succeed and ‘make something of himself’. Through a combination of inborn talent and the best education money could buy, he proved himself to be a child prodigy – by age fourteen he was at the top of his class at the prestigious Appleby College private school, a Candidate Master chess player, and an accomplished classical pianist. Everyone expected great things of him, and a dazzling academic career seemed inevitable.

Fate intervened in the form of Pete’s best friend Nick. Nick was in the year ahead of Pete and was a trouble student; brilliant but antagonistic, he enjoyed nothing more than getting in shouting matches with his teachers, playing music and getting absolutely twisted on vast amounts of drugs. This, of course, could not last, and Nick was unceremoniously expelled. Peter was informed by the school administration and by his parents that he was to have no contact with Nick, but the damage was done – Pete had developed a taste for rebellion and for consciousness expanding drugs, and stepped in to pick up where Nick had left off.

Pete eventually came to the conclusion that intelligence, as defined by Appleby and by western society at large, was a false and incredibly limiting concept, and that he would rather be happy than smart any day. So reasoning, he began a campaign of increasingly elaborate pranks designed to get him kicked out, eventually culminating in redirecting all the school’s web traffic to a disturbingly scatalogical porn site. He spent the next few years bouncing from school to school, careful to apply himself just enough to pass. As soon as he was able he moved out of the house, and has since devoted his life to nothing but furious enjoyment of life.

Pete Lewis

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