Black Box

The Importance of Communication

Or: Too Many Chefs Ruins the Car Chase

After being thrown around by the dead-eyed home invaders, Vanessa manages to climb out a window. As she runs down the street (bare footed, in her pajamas), she can hear things being smashed in her apartment. She calls Suzie as she runs.

Meanwhile, having invited her father (the crime boss) into her home, Suzie learns that he has surveillance photos of the group. Suzie tries to brush of the association, reminding him that she joined group therapy to deal with her sleep issues last year. Her father, far from being dissuaded, informs Suzie that he knows Vanessa is involved with strange activities in Scarborough, and that he can’t keep any of his employees in the city.

Suzie’s cell phone interrupts the conversation. It’s Vanessa, calling for help. She tells Suzie that she’s running to Scarborough Town Centre, and will need back-up when she gets there. Suzie promises she’ll arrive as soon as possible, and texts the rest of the group immediately after hanging up. Her father asks mildly if anyone is in trouble, and Suzie asks if he knows anything about it. While he denies it, she pulls to find out if he’s sent anyone after Vanessa. Although he seems to have nothing to do with Vanessa’s current problem, Suzie finds out he does have a car full of goons waiting outside.

Brushing off her father’s offer of assistance, Suzie orders him to stay out of it saying “it’s bigger than you know”. To prove her point, she uses TK to crush his cell phone before he can call for back-up. Before leaving, Suzie explains that his memories were edited and warns him not to mess with Vanessa. She is stopped briefly by her father’s goons on the sidewalk outside her apartment, (one of whom she recognizes as Ricky). Her father insists they will need to finish this conversation eventually. Suzie agrees, once her friend is out of trouble, and furthermore promises to “fix his head”.

Vanessa arrives safely at Scarborough Town Centre, and texts everyone to meet her at the raised parking lot. Pete & Phia arrive first (in Pete’s parents’ Hummer, with which he managed to drive a Prius off the road on the way), followed shortly by Suzie. Everyone clambers into the Hummer and starts talking at the same time. While Vanessa explains what’s happened, Phia directs Pete to drive towards the psychic activity.

Under the assumption that the group is heading away from danger, Vanessa takes the opportunity to call her mom and ask her to stay away from home. She ends up implying that she’s in trouble with drugs again, and her mother agrees to stay with her aunt for the night.

Immediately after Vanessa hangs up, the Hummer is rocked violently. The pavement explodes behind the car from a second TK punch, which fortunately missed the vehicle. Vanessa throws up a shield around the vehicle, just in time to block a third TK punch from further up the road. While Suzie tries to pull the battle plan from the man standing in the middle of the road, Pete just runs him down. Spinning the Hummer 180 degrees, Pete takes aim at the remaining two bad guys. Yet another punch wallops the car, taking out a side mirror and window. Suddenly, after a burst of psychic energy, one bad guy punts the other off the road. Suzie yells that they’re innocent people, and Pete turns the car once more to head in the other direction. Before the group can get away, however, they see the last bad guy shot and run over by another car that had apparently been following them.

Another round of yelling begins. Suzie calls Ricky, her father’s bodyguard, to find out that they’ve been trailing the group since they left the mall. Able to get line-of-sight on the driver in the other car, Phia orders him to turn around. At the same time, Vanessa blows out one of the cars tires, causing it to roll when the driver attempts to spin the car.

After a spectacular burst of noise and spraying metal, the car comes to rest on its wheels. However, the doors are jammed shut. After Pete fails to rip the doors off, Suzie marshals her fury to send one of the doors cartwheeling into the night. Vanessa helps the bodyguards out, and stars administering first aid.

Suzie’s father pulls her aside, furious that she has allowed herself to end up in such a dangerous situation. When he ignores her attempts to explain, Phia mentally orders him to calm down and listen. Glaring at Phia’s intervention, Suzie convinces her father that now is not the time for a heart-to-heart.

Everyone squeezes back into the Hummer. Ricky directs Pete towards a bodyshop in the Beaches, where he can get the Hummer repaired before returning it to his parents. Breaking the tense silence in the back, Suzie’s father asks Vanessa what her intentions are towards his daughter (followed by hastily stifled laughter from the driver’s seat). He also asks what Vanessa has been up to in Scarborough, which everyone else seems interested to learn as well. It is eventually decided that conversation will have to wait.

They arrive safely at the bodyshop, and disembark. While Suzie’s father goes off to make a few phone calls, the group congregates outside for a cigarette. Vanessa explains what she and Eugene had been doing in Scarborough. Phia is absolutely furious at (what she perceives as) an enormous act of hypocrisy. Suzie ends up having to separate them, saying only that now is not the time.

Leaving the Hummer to the care of the mechanics, the group gathers in Suzie’s father’s office. Suzie tries to explain what has been going on, but he will have none of it. When he tries to walk out, Phia orders him once more to calm down and listen. Suzie tersely orders Phia to stay out of it.

With her father obligated to listen, Suzie explains almost everything that has happened over the past year and demands he stay far, far away from the situation. He scoffs at the mere idea of leaving his little girl alone in this. They end up agreeing to meet on Sunday to talk further.

Returning to the workshop (to find the Hummer now a different colour and with new license plates), the group decides to meet the next day to discuss Vanessa’s activities in Scarborough. Before they leave, Phia pulls Suzie aside and offers to have her father forget the night’s activities. Suzie declines, but admits it may become a necessity depending how Sunday goes.

Back in Scarborough once more, Vanessa goes to her aunt’s house to pick up her mother. She explains that they were robbed, and puts her mother up in a hotel before returning home to deal with the aftermath.


JCat Bootler

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