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Once the helicopters are out of view, the group quickly gets back into their SUV and starts driving. Despite Pete’s wishes, the group heads away from Camp Dreamland and back into the city. Phia suggests going to the TSI office to find the files on the other group of subjects involved in the experiment that seemed to set everything off. After some discussion, the others agree.

They arrive by early afternoon and Pete & Terry head inside. Utilizing Terry’s push abilities, they are able to get the contact information (now a year old) for all of the other subjects with no trouble. The nearest address is for a woman named Becca, who lives in Scarborough. Upon arrival, Phia and Suzie approach under the guise of city employees surveying people about local construction. Phia does most of the talking while Suzie scans for brain damage & surface thoughts. The conversation drifts towards the TSI, so Suzie is able to determine that Becca did indeed spend some time there. While she isn’t able to find any memories specific to white noise, Suzie does locate a strangely vivid dream Becca had some time ago about white noise coming from beneath the earth.

Returning to the car, Suzie shares what she learned and asks to scan for a similar memory in the others. Eugene allows it, but Suzie isn’t able to find anything. Her scan of Vanessa is similarly unsuccessful. Rather than wait for Suzie’s scan, Phia tells the others about a dream she had several months ago, at the truck stop before they were captured by The Department. Vanessa, Pete, and Suzie all recall the same dream.

Suzie also admits that she has been having recurring dreams ever since arriving at The Resistance. They are about her psychic powers growing so much that her body atrophies. She says that it’s like the imagery of the fetus they saw in the T-0 shrine at Muscular Woman’s house. Suzie’s theory is that the group is dreaming of being the cognite, while Becca was dreaming of it singing to her.

They head to the next house: Rodney Steele in Brampton. This time Suzie & Eugene head up. While Eugene talks, Suzie is able to get Rodney’s thoughts about going to teh TSI and a dream about sounds coming from beneath the earth and caressing his brain.

The rest of the day is spent tracking down the other subjects. John is not home, while Amanda & Bill both remember the dream. They had it at the Camp, both at roughly the same time. It happened after meeting six other patients before some experiment. Bill’s brain is damaged during the scan. Based on the timeline in their memories, it appears that their sleep began to improve after that experiment, while the group took longer to leave Camp Dreamland.

According to Eugene, the group now has enough information to repeat the experiment. Phia’s suggestion of using the subjects currently at Camp Dreamland is shot down. Instead, the group decides to follow Eugene’s suggestion of returning to The Resistance and using volunteers there.

The group decides to take a day for themselves. Suzie & Vanessa go shopping, Eugene gets a new suit from Harry Rosen (for free), and Pete, Phia & Terry head for a bar.

The next morning they return to the Island Airport and board a plane to The Resistance. The flight takes around 7-8 hours. Once back underground, the group meets with David Blackwood and share their findings. After Eugene outlines the experiment he’d like to perform, Blackwood worries about being able to get enough volunteers. He suggests it might be easier to have five volunteers, and Eugene should stay awake for the experiment.

Blackwood also informs the group that he has looked into the well-being of their friend & family. It appears that the group has not been erased from their memories, but they’ve been implanted with ongoing processes to explain our absence.

Finally, Blackwood asks if the group knows how The Department would have located them at Camp Dreamland. No one seems to know, and Phia leaves out the fact that she tried checking her email & online store.

While waiting for the experiment to be set up, Pete & Phia go back into surgery with The Doctor to get their faces back.

That night, Suzie has another dream, which she shares with the rest of the group the next morning. She was standing in an open field, filled with a pervasive feeling of danger. Next it felt like her brain was split open; she knew where the danger was coming from, and went underground to escape it. The group debates whether the dream is a result of Suzie’s focus on pull or a strain incurred during the event at the Lenin Museum. Ultimately it is decided that Suzie, Eugene and Vanessa should spend some time with the Triplets to see if they can communicate.

Blackwood grants the trio permission to visit the Triplets, but asks that no processes be enacted as it may be upsetting. Choosing to meditate instead, they start to feel other presences in the room, possibly the Triplets’ consciousnesses.

Heading to the lab on the day of the experiment, Suzie tells the others she had a dream that the Resistance is going to hide the results from them. In her dream, Blackwood ran two tests – one fake and one real – and only gave the results of the fake test. After a hushed discussion, they decide to have Eugene stay awake.

The Doctor is quite upset when he is told about the change in plans, but eventually the equipment is re-calibrated for 10 subjects – the 5 in the group, and 5 volunteers. Under the influence of various drugs, the subjects drift into a restful sleep while Eugene watches.

Vanessa is the first to awake. It is obvious that the volunteers had the same dream as the subjects in the original experiment at Camp Dreamland. Blackwood hands over a file folder with the results of the experiment, which the group takes back to their rooms to debrief. Suzie asks Eugene if the volunteers displayed psychic activity. Eugene explains that the group’s brain wavelengths linked up after an hour, and 2-3 hours later the volunteers synched up as well. After four hours, some big mental burst struck out at Eugene but missed. He has no idea where it came from. Thinking about consciousnesses lining up, the group wonders if the Triplets have become a single mind rather than three.

Blackwood and Terry arrive. While Blackwood sits down, Terry lurks in the doorway looking uncomfortable. Blackwood asks if the group realizes the implications of what happened during the experiment: that they demonstrated the ability to activate non-psychics. He is enthusiastic about the potential this offers as a weapon against The Department. When asked by Suzie if he was planning to hide the results of the experiment, he says no with no evidence of lying.

After Blackwood leaves, the group has a long debate about the idea of awakening other psychics. Some believe the best thing to do would be awake everyone, so the entire world is on a level playing field. Others, however, believe that provides too much room for mayhem if the wrong people gain psychic abilities. The conversation takes a slightly darker turn when the idea is raised of being able to turn off existing psychics, and whether the world might be safer with only 6 existing psychics.

Quotes without context

“I don’t need psychic powers, I’m a lumberjack.”

“Giant part of homeowners association.”
“Also block parent.”

“The cognite is people!”

“M-class apartment.”

“With two beards, I’d be unstoppable!”


JCat Bootler

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